There’s going to be a really terrific competition for those who buy and follow (the two don’t always go hand in hand – remember that action is everything!) “The Ultimate Body Transformation Guide” but that means we have to wait a long time to even get started.

And I am an impatient man at the best of times so I thought we’d kick off this life changing program with a potentially life changing competition!

The prize is a unique one because it is no longer possible for anyone to train one-to-one with me. With all my business commitments I simply don’t have the time and am only available for special consultation projects and one-offs such as the 12 week training of Joe Warner for the “UTG” book.  However, because this book is close to my heart I want to give something that really means a lot to me. And that is my time and focus.

The lucky winner will get to spend an entire week training with me at my Marbella gym!



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We will go through the entire transformation process, map out your step by step plan, train balls to the wall in the winter sunshine, and give you a unique experience that money can’t buy.

And on the subject of money you’ll not have to dip into your own very much because I’ll be paying for your flights to Spain and your hotel accommodation!

The catch to all my generosity?

You need to do a few very easy things in order to go into the draw for this:

1) Pre-order “The Ultimate Body Transformation Guide” on Amazon. If you’re seeing this early and there’s no Amazon link here then that means the publisher hasn’t given pre-released it to Amazon yet.  Make sure you sign up via the box on the left so that when the book can be pre-ordered you don’t miss out.

2) Enter the competition by emailing a copy of your Amazon receipt to [email protected].

3) At the same time that you email in your Amazon receipt I want you to email in and tell me why I should pick you to come and train with me. Make your story as interesting as possible, don’t hold back, but do be aware that the best stories will be published on here so no deep dark secrets unless you’re not frightened to make a few revelations!

And just in case you’re not sure what our Marbella gym is like, or what training with me can be like, here’s a few photos and videos to whet your appetite.

Training with me (and always remember that “how” you’re trained depends on your goals, experience, conditioning and temperament – there’s never one size fits all):