This website is all about a book that is all about my life’s quest.

It’s not been a deep and especially spiritual calling, but it has been something that has obsessed me since I was about 11 years old and first realised that I wanted to be Alpha, and that this meant being like the character in the books that I was reading at the time.

That character went by the unusual name of Conan.


You can guess how things went from there, and now 31 years later I’ve written bestselling books; had my own column in most of the leading physique and exercise related magazines; spawned numerous copycat Personal Training businesses; and far more significantly and of infinitely greater reward and fulfilment, directly helped thousands of people to drastically improve their health and physical appearance in ways that they never thought would be possible.

nick mitchell book

The book that this website wants you to learn about is the summation of all those 31 years of experiments, successes, failures, damp squibs and revelations.

It is my magnum opus on the fastest way for a man (yes, this is primarily aimed at the hairier sex, but there are lessons in it for both sexes if they want hard hitting, real world advice) to get himself into the shape of his life.

I don’t want to give a spiel on all that it will contain so to be succinct, at the foot of this page you’ll find a chapter breakdown that is accurate at the time of the submission of the first manuscript. Things may change a little bit because we have a hell of a lot of content to fit into just one, admittedly big, book.

In a way this book is my follow on to the UK’s biggest selling fitness book of 2013 and 2014, “The 12 Week Body Plan”. It follows the exact same pattern in one way because ultimately it is focused on giving you the BS free route to maximising your time in the gym and eating for results.

jw 12wbp cover final

However, there are a few key differences as follows.

1) This is a vastly more comprehensive book that my publisher, HarperCollins, wants to be seen as The Bible of male body composition improvements. That means that many key sections are divided into different programs for different goals, with specific and separate chapters for each variation.
2) There is a “white to orange belt” diet and workout program aimed at the novice who wants to take his time before transitioning to the more demanding plan.
3) We have meal plans galore to suit multiple different goals and approaches. If you want to take it a bit easier and more slowly then we have that. There is also, of course, the balls to the wall plan (different ones for adding maximum muscle versus losing maximum fat) for those with the will of steel who really want to go for it.
4) The workouts are unique. Yes I know that is a bit of an overblown statement and that there’s nothing so new in weight training. To be precise the 12 week training program that the book is built around is structured in such as way as to have nigh on infinite variety and you could comfortably follow it’s variations for 52 weeks in a row without ever doing the exact same week of training.
5) You get to focus on your own weak points. The 12 Week Body Plan was, I hope, a great workout program, but it was by necessity generic in what it allowed you to focus on. The Ultimate Body Transformation Guide throws generic right out of the window and gives you the chance to really improve the parts of your body that you feel are lagging. No more spaghetti arms, undeveloped abdominals, or sparrow legs!
6) I’ve really tried to listen to the feedback from 12 Week Body Plan and work around the stumbling blocks that a book can present to the trainee. Whilst there is always compromise (a £10-£15 investment in a book cannot compare to the far more expensive price of working with one-to-one with a Trainer) I wanted to go the extra mile because this book is going to be your definitive, need no other, guide. One way to improve things is to offer alternative exercises if your gym doesn’t have the right equipment.
7) Another really cool thing we’ve done is to film each and every exercise that is in the book, in a real gym environment and setting, with me training Joe Warner to show you how to milk each every movement (and repetition) for the best possible results. This will be a free download that you can access with a code from the book and then take with you into the gym!

Anyway, that’s enough about what is to come.  If you’re interested, and I hope that you are, then on this page you’ll find a sign in box that gives me your email so that I can notify you when the book is out in Amazon.  There’s nothing to buy and zero commitment, but if it is like my last print book it could sell out in pre-orders alone.

Please explore this website as there’s a lot of free giveaways and some real value-added teasers such as individual workout routines and even chapters that we’ve had to edit out due to space considerations.

Also please do visit the section we’ve called “12 Weeks With Nick” as that is a live action blog of me taking our original cover model, Joe Warner, on these new and improved workout protocols. Joe trained for The 12 Week Body Plan in 2012 and since then has hardly been to the gym, especially in the last 18 months as he was setting up his very own digital magazine, Iron Life.

iron life nick mitchell

Joe’s the perfect guinea pig for me to show you what can be done as he has very average genetics (at best), a very patchy exercise history, and a highly stressed job and lifestyle.  All of this makes him ideal as it keeps it realistic, plus he has a great work ethic so we are showing you what an ordinary guy can do when he sets his mind to it.

You can follow Joe on twitter at @JoeWarnerUK.

JW D1 grabbing fat lower res

Here’s a candid snap of Joe on his first day of the Ultimate Transformation Guide program. Not exactly looking or feeling great…check out “12 Weeks with Nick” at the top of this page to see how he progresses.

And finally, here’s a little look at the provisional chapter titles: 

  • Leave Your Comfort Zone: How the body works and why and how we mostly fail to change and improve it.
  • Create The Illusion – Don’t Blame it on Your Parents: You may think that you are stuck with what your parents gave you, your genetics, but there is a smart way to create a whole new look to your body. This is what this book is all about.
  • Walk Before You Run 1: The Novice Guide To Body Composition Training
  • Walk Before You Run 2: The Quick & Easy Guide To Eating Your Way Into Shape 
  • Sleep – Why & How
  • How The Program Works: The ABCs of successful execution of the program.
  • The Cardio Conundrum. The Good, the Bad, the Ugly & what you should really be doing.
  • Tracking Progress: how to track progress so you know you are getting the right result. Possible link here to an online tracking app.
  • Your Ultimate Transformation Guide: An explanation of how to follow this program to tailor it to your own unique needs – it is a plug and play system where you are coached on how to select the best bits for you.
  • The Workouts: 12 weeks of training routines laid out step by step, rep by rep in painstaking detail…plus a series of specialisation routines to layer on top at your discretion on order to construct your own ideal body.
  • The Myth of How To Eat To get Results.
  • Optimal Eating For Fat Loss
  • Optimal Eating for Muscle Building
  • Muscle Building Meal Plans & Diets
  • Fat Loss Focused Meal Plans & Diets
  • Supplements – Expensive Urine or Useful Tool: An examination of the best supplements – those to choose and those to avoid like the plague.
  • The Hierarchy of Action: The commandments that you must follow in order to successfully follow this program and change your body.
  • Ask Nick: answers to get to the heart of your problems, and how to make progress no matter what life throws at you.
  • The Joe Warner Story: A warts and all look at the journey Joe Warner took as he followed the program.
  • The UTG Competition: Your chance to win a series of truly world class prizes if you follow the plan for 12 weeks!
  • BONUS 1: video downloads of each exercise in the book.
  • BONUS 2: monthly webinars with myself to review your progress and answer all questions that you may have.