It’s 7am and I am sitting in front of a pint of lager. Don’t worry, I’m at an airport bar – the only place it’s socially acceptable to drink any time of the day or night outside of Las Vegas.

The reason for ordering a pint with breakfast is that this is the last chance I’m going to get to have a proper drink for a little while. Three months in fact. That’s 12 weeks.

The timeframe ’12 Week’ has a special place in my heart – and in Nick Mitchell’s – because it comprises 50% of the title of the book we wrote three years ago. The other two words were ‘Body Plan’. It spent the whole of 2013 and 2014 at the top of’s best-selling fitness book chart.

And Nick is the reason I am at an airport. I am heading to Spain and his UP Marbella gym because tomorrow we are starting another 12 week transformation programme. But it’s not just a repeat. It’s something far bigger than that. I’ll let Nick explain to you why this follow-up book is going to so much bigger and better. He’s the man that has spent 30 years accumulating the knowledge to put it together, after all.

Instead I am going to briefly answer one, if not the, most common question I get asked since the book was released. And it’s this: ‘Have you maintained your cover model body?’.

The answer is a resounding ‘no’. Leaving my job as deputy editor at Men’s Fitness and launching a brand new magazine – IronLife – meant that hard training and clean eating fell down my list of priorities until my hard-gained muscle started shrinking and my belly started to re-accumulate layers of fat.

In fact, almost three years to the day since my cover shoot at the end of the first 12 week challenge, I am unrecognisable from not only that photograph, but also from the ‘before’ shot. I am not sure Nick realises just how out of shape I am. Am I nervous about seeing him again tomorrow? No. I am absolutely terrified. But if there’s one man in the world who can whip me back into shape in such a short time frame it’s him.

Right, my flight is boarding. Next stop, Spain. The only way is UP.