Ask Nick Mitchell

Here’s your chance to ask me ANYTHING at all that you want.

I always do my best to answer every question that comes my way on twitter, but with over 70,000 followers that isn’t always so easy when combined with my day job.

However, just as I did with the mega successful (for reader transformations) “12 Week Body Plan” anyone who buys the new book and adds the cover image as their (temporary) profile picture will be able to take part in a live Q&A between 6-7pm GMT every Monday and Thursday for the first three months of 2016.

I know that’s a way away, or at least it is as I write this in early summer 2015, so in the meantime fire any question you like at me on twitter and hashtag it #Nick’sUTG and I sincerely promise that I will find it and give you my best answer possible.

You can find me on Twitter at